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L’core Paris Cosmetic Collection: Skincare Products Reinvented


L’Core Paris is one of the leading beauty and skin care companies founded in Paris, France. They are achieving their goal and living up to their name by producing highly advanced, luxury beauty care products. All of L’Core Paris’s products are specially engineered to cater to different skin types and skin needs. L’Core Paris is also well known for incorporating the luxurious and healing benefits of gemstones in their products.

Advanced Research and Cosmetics Technology

L’Core Paris is extremely proud of its research department that built evaluation centers on every inhabited continent to examine the diversity of beauty and the different skin care needs of women around the world – and provide the perfect skin care solutions for each one.
The products of L’Core Paris are the result of thoroughly researched pharmaceutical grade materials such as organic French botanical ingredients along with other natural resources.

The Gemstone Treatment

The different collections by L’Core Paris are very popular for having very fine particles of gemstones or gold. These gems are in perfect condition to release its potential facial skin care benefits, and there shouldn’t be any concern for abrasions because the minuscule particles are finely ground by highly advanced equipment to be suitable to even the most sensitive skin.
L’Core has made some of the most advanced skin care products in the market by fusing pharmaceutical grade ingredients and organic extracts with the properties of precious gems and gold.

Skin Care Made Special by L’Core

L’Core Paris understands that women around the world deserve to indulge in life’s little luxuries every once in a while. The L’Core Paris collections make beauty routines extra special by providing women with some of the most highly advanced skin care products as a non-surgical answer to every day skin needs – with the added benefits and elegance of gemstone facials.


Over the years, there has been an incessant quest for the best skincare products. A lot have been introduced, each with the promise of delivering top-notch results. Sadly, not all of these products can provide you with the outcomes that are anticipated. Some will be a total waste of money. If you want products that work, you should know about L’core Paris cosmetic collection.

The brand is known for providing non-surgical options to rejuvenate the skin, making you look glowing and younger. Their products have a special formulation that makes use of natural ingredients to provide non-invasive skincare.


L’core 24k Gold Collectionlcore gold

This L’core Paris cosmetic collection is made from gold, a precious material that has long been used in skincare. Among others, it is known for helping to brighten skin complexion, get rid of wrinkles, treat sun damage, and avoid other visible signs of aging. The collection includes day and night cream, which will provide the skin with protection from the harsh pollutants during the day and will help in the repair of the skin cells as you sleep at night. It also includes an eye serum. The best part of the collection is perhaps the facial and neck mask. It nourishes not only the surface but even the deep tissues of the skin.


L’core Crystalline Diamond Collectionlcore-paris-logo

Known as the most precious of gemstones, diamonds are amongst the most luxurious materials that are used in L’core Paris cosmetic collection. One of the best products from this collection is the 60 Sec Face Lift Creams, which will help in fighting the stressors that are causing damage on the skin. It acts like a facelift in a bottle, resulting into firmer and more radiant skin. The collection also includes L’core Wrinkle Filler Cream, which will help to plump up lines and fill creases.


L’core Emerald Collectionlcore emerald

As a high-energy stone, it is most known for the wide array of antiaging benefits that it can deliver for the skin. The L’core Paris cosmetic collection of products using emerald include serum, cream, and mask. They are infused with collagen, which is basically why they are more powerful in delivering different benefits for the skin, including reduction of acne marks, improving elasticity, and making the skin hydrated.


L’core Sapphire Collectionlcore acne treatment

If you want clearer, smoother, and youthful skin, opt for skincare products that contain sapphire. From the L’core Paris cosmetic collection, one of the products that contain such precious stone is its facial peel, which is infused with powerful antioxidants that can get rid of impurities on the surface and reveal a healthier layer of skin. Sapphire Milk Cleanser is also part of the collection, which is effective in terms of removing oil, makeup, and other skin impurities while making sure that the natural balance of the skin is retained.


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